Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Sexologist, Identity Coach, Workshop Developer & Facilitator, and Curriculum Consultant

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Yael has been engaged in workshop development and facilitation since she joined the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) as a teen peer reproductive rights educator at 15 years old. Since then, she has served as an educator for children ranging from 10 months old to adults in their 70s with different organizations, religious communities, and most recently as part of her new company, Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC.

As the Associate Director for the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding she developed and led events, workshops, and programs with an intersectionality lens. Due to her own experiences, Yael has always been interested in understanding the multi-level experiences of individuals with different identities and life stories. Yael grew up in a trilingual home with a Jewish father, Puerto Rican Catholic mother, Ecuadorian aunts, and extended queer network which offered the opportunity to experience multiple mini-worlds while figuring out her own place in it all.

A part of that journey was claiming/reclaiming ownership of her own sexuality. Yael wrote, and recently published, An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips to help others on that journey and anyone seeking a positive sex life.

Relevant Workshops, Talks, and Presentations

• Curriculum & Instruction Research and Creative Activity Symposium (CIRCAS), Bloomington IN, QC Sexploration & Information Group: PAR Informed Peer Sex Ed, Feb 2020

• IU Bloomington, Becoming a Sex Educator - Guest Lecturer, Feb 2020

• Sex Fest, IU Bloomington - Facilitator Feb 2020

• Researching the Margins, IU Bloomington, Physical and Emotional Vulnerability in a Nude Photo-Interview Series – Speaker Nov 2019

• IU Bloomington, Consent & Yes/No/Maybe/Fantasy Sheets – Guest Lecturer, Nov 2019

• The Heschel School, Developing Gender Inclusive Sex Education - Speaker/Facilitator June 2019

• Queensboro Community College, After #MeToo What Needs to Change: A Conversation About Consent, Masculinity, and Everything In Between – Speaker & Facilitator, Apr 2019

• Word Up Community Bookshop Libreria Comunitaria, Getting to Know Yourself for Better Sex & Relationships - Speaker/Facilitator, Mar 2019

• Queens College, An Educational Forum on the Reality of Sex Trafficking, Sponsored by NYPIRG, Feminist Philosophy, and GLASA - Panelist, Mar 2019

• Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual Meeting, QC Sexploration and Information Group: The First 3 Years, Nov 2018

• CERRU, Sexual Assault Innovation Exchange, Moderator, Nov 2018

• Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Community-Developed Sex Education Practice, Aug 2018

• Queensboro Community College, We Too Talk About #MeToo: Why This Movement Matters to You – Panelist, Apr 2018

• Saint Joseph’s College, Bystander Training – Facilitator, Apr 2018

• Queensboro Community College, Becoming an Engaged and Active Bystander: How to Navigate a Complex & Diverse World – Facilitator, Mar 2018

• Women and Gender Studies Colloquia, Queens College, Role of Taboo in Our Understanding of Risk, Sex Work, and Health Outcomes - Speaker, Oct 2017

• Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual Meeting, Structural Barriers that Restrict CSEC and Sex Workers from Services and from Changing Work, Nov 2016

• Desiree Alliance, It's More Than Just About an Individual's Safety and Health: The Role Taboo Plays in Our Understanding of Risk - Speaker, June 2016

• Desiree Alliance, Structural Barriers that Increase Health Risks for Sex Workers - Speaker, June 2016

• Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Tools to Communicate, Tools to Change - Speaker, March 2016

Relevant Publications

Intimacy Tips for Your Most Important Relationship (You!) Tickle.life. Feb 2020

Queer Enough?
Protip: If you’re asking, you probably are!
Tickle.life. Dec 2019

Why I Care About Sexuality! Tickle.life. Nov 2019

Your Pleasure Matters so Sexplore! Tickle.life. Oct 2019

The Impact of Coercive Sex. Tickle.life. Aug 2019

An Intro-guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips. Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC. Nov 2018.

Middaugh, D., Donna Nickitas & Nancy Aries (2018). Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals, 3rd Edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Case Study by Yael Rosenstock: Reality Check: How an Education Justice Project Became More

Media Appearances

The Reason Your Sex Drive Has Taken a Big Dip—and Exactly What To Do About It. Cosmopolitan article by Maria Del Russo. Oct 2019

CERRU 2018 Innovation Exchange: Me Too. I serve as the moderator. Dec 2018.
Video Clips include:
36:37 - 38:10
1:09:19 - 1:10:45
1:28:48 - 1:30:25

Your grandparents’ idea of a ‘good job’ was probably based on a salary and benefits — and 50 years later, things haven’t changed all that much. Business Insider article by Shana Lebowitz. Dec 2018

Community Developed Sex Ed Practice at Woodhall. Youtube Interview by The Intimacy Dojo, Cathy Vartuli. Sept 2018

Interview with Yael Rosenstock, Founder, Kaleidoscope Vibrations. Youtube Interview by Shakun Sethi, Founder of Tickle.Life Dec 2018

Community Developed Sex Ed Practice at Woodhall (5 min clip). Youtube Interview by The Intimacy Dojo, Cathy Vartuli. Sept 2018

Relevant Training, Certificates, Education, and Volunteer Work

• Diverse Bodies Project, April 2018 – Present
• DeCrim NY – Ally in seeking human and labor rights for those engaged in sex work, 2019
• Girls Educational & Mentoring Services, volunteer group facilitator in Latin dance & sex education, 2016 - 2018
• Institute for the Development of the Human Arts, “Re-Thinking Crisis: An Introduction to Transformative Mental Health Care” Certificate of Completion December 2017
• Center for Community Leadership – JCRC-NY, Queens Fellow 2016-2017
• Girls Educational & Mentoring Services, Sista Mentor, 2015 – 2016
• Mental Health First Aid Responder, Department of Health, 2016
• Critical Participatory Action Research Summer Institute Training, Public Science Project

Workshop Development and/or Facilitation

This is for individuals, groups, or companies seeking assistance developing a 45 min - 6 hour workshop.

You can choose to facilitate yourself or have Yael as your main facilitator.

Topics with which Yael has experience (feel free to ask about additional topics not listed):

Body Positivity
Bystander/Upstander Intervention
Consent and Respecting Boundaries
Desire, Pleasure, and Arousal
Healthy Relationships
Intimate Partner Violence
Participatory Action Research (PAR)
Partnering Styles (Monogamy & Polyamory)
Peer Education
Race as a Social Construct
Sexual Identity
Sexual Violence
Social Identity
Social Justice

Rates dependent upon project/program needs.

Curriculum & Program Development

This is for individuals, groups, or companies seeking assistance in one or more of the following:
Developing the details behind a new and exciting ideaDetermining learning goals and creating activities to explore and practice those goalsBrainstorming creative ways to connect your theme to an interactive experience
Rates dependent upon project/program needs.

Identity Exploration

This is for individuals seeking support in one or more of the following:
Developing a confident and positive sense of selfUnderstanding the many identities we simultaneously holdFinding community based upon new, emerging, or confused identities Understanding how our identities influence our world experiences
Sliding scale and barter payment options available

Sex Coaching

This is for individuals seeking one or more of the following:
Judgment free space to ask voice your questionsOpportunities to talk about concerns/thoughts/experiencesExploration of sexual desires/needs/wants-Reflecting on past experiences
Connecting to resources
Sliding scale and barter payment options available

Using the Five Senses for Arousal

For many, pleasure begins in the mind rather than the physical touch. In this workshop, you will explore methods for engaging, or restricting, all five senses (taste, sound, smell, sight, and touch) for exciting and steamy sexual encounters. Come prepared to participate and explore infinite possibilities. Within the workshop, we will be testing methods on our largest organ, our skin, and on a mixture of traditionally and non-traditionally erogenous zones.

Getting to Know Yourself for Better Self, Sex, and Relationships

This workshop is an opportunity to explore your identities and have conversation with others. Sometimes we don't realize there are communities of people with whom we can connect and this is a space to start that journey!

Social Identity and Bystander Intervention

Being an active bystander is incredibly important but what that looks like can depend on our own positionality in this world. This workshop has you explore your social and personal identities and how they interact with bystander interventions for your safety and the well-being of others.

BodyLove: Vulva Edition

Day long empowering exploration of body and self.

Goals of the workshop:
-Body positivity
-Increased familiarity with own body and comfort with those of others
-Exploration of sexuality through conversation
-Connection with other people with vulvas
-Confronting socialization
-Low-risk vulnerability

This workshop is a nude space to create a sense of shared vulnerability. The culminating activity will be a guided vulva show-and-tell followed by a non-sexual group massage.

Both the vulva show-and-tell and the group massage are activities that come from Betty Dodson's BodySex Workshop.

DateTitleLocationMore Info 
Saturday, February 29th, 10:45 - 11:45amLooking at the Fetishization of Latinas and its effects on Libido: Beginning with CommunityIndiana University South EastClick Here 
Tuesday, March 24th, 9:30 - 10amQueer & Trans Representations of Body, Sexuality, and Gender in the Diverse Bodies ProjectIUPI Indianapolis, IndianaClick Here
Wednesday, March 25th 7-9pmUsing the Five Senses for Arousal The Backdoor, Bloomington, INClick Here 
Thursday, April 9th, 2:45 - 4pmSocial Identity, Navigating Upstander Techniques, and Promoting Inclusive SpacesState College, PAClick Here with code YAELWIL2020 

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